Good news!

Starting on Tuesday, October 13th, you can vote for the Wheel Deal. We're on the November ballot as Proposition A and Proposition B.

In addition to voting for both propositions, here's five simple actions you can take to help win the Wheel Deal.

1. Text Your Friends

Text the last 5 Austin friends you've messaged about the Wheel Deal. Tell them that you want them to vote for Propositions A & B.

2. Put up a Sign

A lawn or window sign will help provide visibility for both propositions, as well as convey support. You can reach out to each of the Prop A and Prop B campaigns to get your sign.

Or you can call the Wheel Deal hotline (512-651-5620), leave your info, and we'll pass it on to the campaigns.

3. Get personal on social media and email

On October 6th (a week before the start of early voting), share your personal reasons for supporting the Wheel Deal propositions on your social media accounts. And email any Austin contacts that would value your opinion on the election.

4. Donate

Give whatever you can to the professional campaigns for each Proposition (Prop A and Prop B).

5. Use our Helpline

If you've got a relative, friend, or colleague that has questions or wants to talk it over without a campaign sales pitch, tell them to call the Wheel Deal hotline at 512-651-5620.

We'll take the call or get back to you with a friendly and knowledgeable Wheel Dealer to chat with.