Wheel Deal

Let's get a new set of wheels

Austin weather is getting too hot. It's getting too hard to move around. And Austin needs to get back to being affordable.

There's a lot of talk from local officials about Austin doing a big transportation bond in November, 2020. But the details are undecided.

To take advantage of the momentum for a big bond, we've drafted a plan of proven transportation infrastructure investments that can actually fix our issues.

We are a group of bus riders, cyclists, and pedestrians that have been active on Austin transportation issues for a while now. We want to help pass a good plan that truly serves all Austinites and matches the scale of the problem.

We call our plan the Wheel Deal. It will give you new choices, save you money, and help the planet.

It will cost way less than a dollar a day for the typical Austinite. Once complete, our plan will give you, your family, your friends, and your co-workers a vast new set of options to move around: light rail, frequent buses in dedicated transit lanes, bikes in their own protected lanes, as well as extensive sidewalks and shade to make it easy to use these new wheels.

Our goal is to move people, not cars. We want to help as many Austinites as possible get new options to conveniently get around town, so that they drive when it's actually the best choice for them, not because there are no other good options.

Under our plan, many families would be able to go car-lite and cut a car from the household budget. We all already spend so much on car payments, insurance, repairs, gas, and the taxes to maintain all of the roads, signals, and law enforcement that goes into a car-first strategy.

That's why the Wheel Deal is good for your family's bottom line. And it's also the right thing to do.

Check out the organizing section if you are interested in helping us.

The Plan

A map of Austin shows a north-south orange-colored line running through downtown
Orange Line Light Rail
$3.177 billion
Light Rail from Tech Ridge to Slaughter Lane running on North Lamar, Guadalupe, and South Congress.
A map of Austin shows a east-west blue-colored line running from East Riverside to an airport graphic representing ABIA.
Blue Line Light Rail
$1.171 billion
Light Rail from Airport to central Austin running on East Riverside.
A map of Austin with seven multi-colored lines symbolizing new MetroRapid routes with dedicated lanes.
Bus Plus
$167 million
Improved bus service, MetroRapid expansion, and new dedicated lanes.
A group of cyclists, including younger children, move down a bike lane.
America's Best Bike Network
$350 million
Completing a network of over 300 miles of protected bike lanes & urban trails.
A map of Austin with many thin lines in different colors representing the priority-level of different sidewalks under the plan
550 New Sidewalk Miles
$350 million
Boosting walkability to transit, bikes, parks, and schools in every Austin neighborhood.
A group of people sit under a tree that is part of a line of trees next to a sidewalk.
Shade Fund
$10 million
A dedicated fund to improve shade coverage in and around high-use public amenities.
A person waits to cross a narrow road on a well-designed pedestrian-friendly median
Vision Zero
$35 million
Fixing the next 10 most dangerous road intersections.
An image of a parking lot next to a park on a key transportation corridor
Value Capture Funds
$100 million
Capturing the wealth creation effects of new infrastructure investments for the public.


Are you interested in supporting the Wheel Deal? Here are the 3 ways you can help us urge City Council to implement it.

Commit to organizing

If you are ready to get involved and help win the Wheel Deal, then email us at team at wheeldeal dot org or call us at (512) 651-5620. Tell us how much time you have to contribute and your past experiences with organizing and local advocacy.

Our main task will be to coordinate with other supporters to meet one-on-one with Austinites that are curious about the plan. You'll answer their questions, update them on our organizing, and act on their feedback to help make it easy for us all to collectively lobby City Council.

Email City Council

You can very easily email all City Council members and tell them you want the Wheel Deal. The link below takes you to a simple web form which will send your message.

Email Austin City Council

Request a one-on-one with us

Are you curious about the plan and considering helping us organize and lobby for its adoption? Then you can reach us via email at team at wheeldeal dot org or by phone at (512) 651-5620. Give us some times that work for you and we'll find an organizer to connect with you at a convenient time and place.